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For those of you, who have done emotional release work before, I have created the CD "How to let go of Emotional Baggage"

Letting Go

To order the CD "How to let go of Emotional Baggage",

Please call my cell (928)-300-2112 and I will send you one right out.

Cost: $16.95 plus $2.- shipping and handling.

If you live in Arizona, I have to charge you 9.63% Tax.Your credit card receipt will be shipped with your order asap.

All credit card slips are handled with the utmost descretion and are stored in a safe. In difficult cases I would nevertheless recommend to do this work in person or by phone, as different situations need different handling. My guiding ones support the emotional and trauma shift during phone or personal sessions as well.


If you don't have time for an Angel and Personal Guide Reading, but you still want to connect with your Angels, Guides and Crossed Over Loved ones at your own time and convenience, there is a CD, which I have created for you, so that you can do the process whenever you want on your own.

Claudia Coronados Meet your Guides
For this CD "How to connect with your Guides and Crossed Over Loved Ones", I can say (almost proudly) satisfaction guaranteed or you get your money back. I have had no one yet complain to me, that they haven't met their guides in the one or other form. Others are amazed to connect with new ones, which they did not know about.

Self help CD's for you.

How to Let Go

My Cd How to let go of Emotional Baggage is essetial for emotial release work. I have been selling this cd for years and the results are amzaing.

Angel and Personal Guide Reading

Want to connect with your angel or angels? Please read an exerpt from my CD Angel and Personal Guide Reading it will open up your heart and spirit to this wonderful and mysterous life.

Your purchase of either of these CD's will enhance the path of life yoiu are traveling.


Best Regards,


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