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The Reconnection - with a new spectrum of light and information

The Reconnection - to the fullness of our being

The Reconnection - to the fullness of the universe

The Reconnection - to our very essence

The Reconnection - to expand

Reconnective Healing -to regain physical, emotional, mental and spiritual balance

Reconnective Healing - not to cure, but to lead to wholeness

Reconnective Healing

I want to present Reconnective Healing and Reconnection to my clients, because it did me good.

When I read the book for the first time, about a year ago, I thought "oh God, another one of those, who is "the only one" who knows!"

That created a lot of resistance in me as what he described in his book happened to me a lot during the last 15 years while giving healing sessions:
- my inner guides and teachers worked with me on my clients so that they felt hands all over them
- my clients saw beings during and after their sessions
- my inner guides and teachers taught me to go beyond hands on healing and taught me to harness the universal energies and do "light grid connections"
as well
- they taught me about universal "wormholes", how universes are connected and the role of the human race in this theater play of life
- my clients and me are used to seeing colors and feeling all sorts of sensations during the healing session, including visions of crossed over loved ones, other beings and bright lights

Because of these experiences I thought it to be nothing new, especially as the Essene people in the biblical times new how to shift atoms in the body and to heal, mending broken bones instantaneously ...

This year I found myself in two of his lectures as he conveniently held them in Sedona.
During the first evening I felt porously worked on, just by sitting in the room. "This is neat", I thought and went to the next evening and got worked on again. Going home I worked on my sick baby and my hands felt different as usual. They burnt sometimes, when I did healings, before, but not like this.
When I conversed with my inner guides, they confirmed the new frequency level.
Seeing incredible healings just by the demonstrations during the lectures, I signed up for learning to heal with this frequencies in seminar Level I and II. I was familiar with the floating of the hands over the clients’ body and the different hand movements, as they had already been taught to me.
Nevertheless the responses of the person on the healing table were very intense and I could see them shift right in front of me. Several people had intense healings during this seminars: getting rid of a limp after a car accident, being able to unclamp the arthritic fingers, being able to move the neck which had been stiffened because of chemotherapy side effects, and many, many more.

In one of these sessions, done by a co-student, I felt the multidimensionality of my being more than I had ever felt it before and I felt lighter with each session. Very neat indeed!

Therefore I decided to experience the so-called "Reconnection". During this I did not feel as much, but saw a lot of key symbols, communicated with crossed over loved ones, talked to my "doctor team of guides", with whom I work during healing sessions and saw some visions in regard of my personal life.
During day two of "The Reconnection", I was able to let go of a lot of resistance to being helped by others :-), which earned me the comment by my guides "we have waited for this for a long time".

Since then, everything in my life is speeding up and I am looking forward to each new day.

Inspired by this experience, I signed up to learn how to do "The Reconnection" myself and my analytical mind was satisfied. I can understand now, how we can be reconnected to the grid of the Earth and the inner and outer Universe, to create more harmony and a speeding up in our lives.

I am grateful for these experiences and want to give you the opportunity, to experience this for yourself.

Let the journey begin!
In oneness,


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