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I am grateful for the positive feedback of all my clients.


Please feel free to email me after your session with critical feedback.

Thank you!



Testimonials for Readings

“Thank you so much for the enlightenment that you conveyed during our session.”
Barbara Bindler

“ I really enjoyed your reading last year. It was very impressive.”
Ana Gonzalez

“Thank you for confirming the material of my book.”
Lois Person

“ Many thanks for your clarity and beautiful consciousness.”

“ I just wanted to thank you again for your kindness and your wonderful insights. I have listened to your tape several times and I learn more each time I hear it… You are blessed with a tremendous gift.” Mary Hendry

“ I enjoyed my reading with you. It was remarkably accurate, which is why I thought I’d see if you work long distance.”
Jamie Lankford

“ Thank you for helping me realize how beautiful and perfect I am. Life has not been the same since our meeting. I now experience life every second of each day … and I remain now continually in awe.” Chris McNall-Lubeck

“Just felt like sending you a quick “thank you”….I left your office with a very blissful feeling and residual feeling that I had experienced something fulfilling, wholesome and healthy. I have listened to the tape several times, now; your insights are remarkable. The forecasts that you suggested are certainly inspiring… I only hope that I can use your guidance wisely….”
John Hoffman

“ …I feel that I am blessed to have come into contact with you. …” Jody Reichard

“ I left your reading feeling like I was on Cloud 9!!…Again, thank your for the wonderful guidance. I truly appreciated and enjoyed the time with you.
When you signed your email to me with a blessing, I thought, YES!, Claudia blessed me!”
Teresa Fuller

“I so much enjoyed our Session were very easy to talk with…and helped to clear up and clarify different concerns that had been on my mind… and in my Hear & Soul… I much appreciate this. It was a Joy to share in your knowledge about Nature… about Trees too.J I KNOW… “It’s all inside of me!!”…perhaps our time together will help to bring it all into my conscious remembrance.”
Bonnie Wood


Testimonials for Weddings:

“ Marcella and I continue to resonate with the intense beauty of our marriage experience. It actually grows in intensity. We’ve had such dreaming and spiritual energy flow to us that it’s almost incredible.

We are so grateful for your overwhelming attention to this most important event in our life. You were wonderful. As we ascended the plateau, your radiance was breathtaking. You looked like a high priestess whirling in light. The pure love that radiated from your face was inspiring. We were so ebullient at the time that we barely took note of the extraordinary spirit that had descended. As the night passed on, more and more energy flowed to us. It still does, in fact, at this moment.”
Methew Sneddon and Marcella Davis


Testimonials for Classes:

“ I enjoyed my aura class. You really hit on the major points in my life.”
Martha Cox

“ Thank you for your gifts of insight and clarity. You reminded me that I truly know who I am and how I make a difference. I am so looking forward to our friendship, and where our paths may lead. You welcome me home, and I am free!”
Meg Gerbert


Testimonials for talking to people on the other side:

“ I met you in Sedona where you did a reading for me. I really wanted to contact my cousin and we did. You also talked a lot about me having a strong connection to spiritualism. I wanted to thank you. The reading was a freeing experience.”
Maura Mall


Testimonials for working with the Tree Spirit/Dryade Tools:

“ I want to tell you about my Dryade. Friend is an understatement. I wear it practically every day. At first it was very shy but now it helps me quite a bit in my creative endeavors. It is constantly talking to me and giving me advice and yes, it does encourage me. It helps me to stay focused. I have a tendency to be scattered but it helps me to get the job done…People and animals are very attracted to it. I find that Japanese and Chinese people are very aware of it. It is strange, I don’t know why. More and more now when I wear it everything goes my way, people are friendly and helpful. The world flows and I feel wonderful balance in my heart. Here are some of the whispers in my ear: “A Tree for all reasons grows in my Heart and lasts forever. Trees are Great Spirits of the Earth. We are one with them. Behold a Tree and your life is changed forever. I AM that Dryade that speaks to your within your heart. Our Spirits are entwined and we nourish each other’s souls. Our time has come to be more communicative with each other. “ I am so grateful to you for connecting me with this truly awesome Dryade. “

Thank you

Thank you to all the people, whose testimonials I could not publish here.

Each client gives me a learning lesson.

My testimonial to all of you: I appreciate you in my life. Thank you for your trust in my work.



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