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Symbol Classes - to know the gateways

Symbol Classes - to recognize them in Auras

Symbol Classes - to connect with power

Symbol Classes - to see and feel and know

Class - The Power of Symbols

Symbols have been created since the beginning of Mankind, in all areas and cultures.
They exist in verbal, visual, acustic, imaginary and three dimensional form.

Symbols are representatives. Symbols are portals.

One can activate powers/energies with different qualities through them and support healing and balancing of ourselves and others.

Everything is Power.
Everything is Energy.

Energy is an elemental structure, though which everything comes into existence.

There are Symbols to unfold the Soul Energy/ the God Essence.

Symbols have the power to support nautral healing therapies, and to move energy in general.

Symbols are like focal points of energy, able to anchor energy to one specific spot, anchoring an energy vortex, spiralling the engergy down or sending energy out or exchanging energies for balance.

In this classes we learn how to
- protect ourselves with symbols
- to work with our own channeled symbols
- to work and heal with ancient symbols
- to work and heal with star language (Symbols of Ingmar, Symbols of Antares, Anima Symbols)
- to work and heal with cabalistic formulas

This classes are very intense and require a lot of focus.

Cost depends on the number of participants of a class and how much they want to learn.

Classes can extend to being workshops and weekend seminars.

Please ask for details: (928) 300-2112

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