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Progression can give us valuable directions.

Progression can guide decisions.

Progression can make us see clearly.

Progression can help us to be truthful.

Class - Progression

For this class, please see the explanations on Healing - Past Life Regression and Classes - Past Life Regression, as the main concept is explained there.

Time and space does not really exist. The soul is eternal and if we are going in and up, we can perceive things from a different perspective.

In this class we learn how to bring us and/or our clients into the focus beyond time and space limitations, so that we can explore the different aspects of multidimentional reality, which can help us in decision making processes.

For example: You meet a person, you might be interested in and you feel extremely connected, but you have at the same time a squeezing in your stomach, which does not feel good. Question is, what to do about this connection and what about your attitude towards that person.

Well, you can go in and up into the grid of all things connected and see what you remember having already explored with that person and what is missing to be explored. Remember the rule of the souls like actors. If you sign up for the one side of the medallion, you automatically have to sign up for the other side.

In a Progression you might see the carmic connections which need to be lived and can develop a positive attitude towards the coming or you can see wich decisions lead you to which future realities.

Remember here the movie "Groundhog Day", each of the same days had a different outcome.

I am using four different methods to connect people with their future lives and the grid:
- through their soul self ( in and up),
- through their subconscious,
- through their emotional attachments and
- through simple relaxed visualization as a starting point and then merging with the other soul spark.
Who does not want to merge into his/her parallel/future self, might just want to watch to be able to understand.

These connections are symbolized through different symbolic pathways one cane take.

I will teach you how to be creative with these pathways, so that you/your client can achieve a progressions fairly easily. There are standard procedures and then there is flexibility. It is an art to learn to be flexible and to work with what comes up and not need to cling to certain concepts.

A book, which is helpful to understand the multidimensionality of soul and which is easy to read, because of being in novel form:

Jane Roberts: Trilogy of Oversoul 7.

Single Progression Sessions are available: $150.- per hour and taped.

Cost of class per person is $360.-, consisting of 3 days with 5+ hours work time, depending on the receptivity and learning focus of the person or group.

Class minnimum consists of two people, class maximum consists of 6 people.
Be aware that it is going to be an intense, but also fun class.

Please call (928) 300-2112 for more information.
Time slots fill quickly, please book ahead.

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