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Reiki Master Classes - teach your own students

Reiki Master Classes - be competent

Reiki Master Classes - work with all there is

Reiki Master Classes - teach wisely

Reiki Master Classes - know thyself

Reiki Master/Teacher

In this class we exchange our knowledge and experiences with Reiki energy and other forms of healing energy.

We tune into our full potential of awareness.

We get the full attunement and initiation into all of the Reiki symbols the Dr. Usui method provides.

We learn about multidimensional healing with Reiki energy.

We learn how to use x-ray vision, if this option is innert and given to the Reiki Master.

We learn how to work with Reiki energy on an empathic level.

We learn how to use Reiki energy for the positive outcome of past, present and future events.

We learn about many possibilities of how to utilize Reiki energy in synergy with other healing methods.

We learn how to program with Reiki energy and how to build energy storage tanks with Reiki energy.

The Reiki Master Class is mostly a two to three day event, depending on the group specifics.

Class cost per person $550.-

If you have had Reiki classes with me before, it can be reduced to a one to two day class, as I already know how you work.

In the Reiki Teacher Class we learn in addition of how to build up a class, how to hold groups, how to facilitate and many teaching techniques more. You will go out of this class totally secure, that you can do it.

Class cost per person $610.-

This can be facilitated as an "add on" to the Master Class, which includes to stay longer after the Master class for the additional $60.- or as a totally individual class set up.

Please call (928) 300-2112 for additional information.

Time slots fill quickly. Please book ahead!

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