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Reiki I Classes - not only for beginners

Reiki I Classes - know yourself

Reiki I Classes - see energy

Reiki I Classes - know energy

Class - Reiki - Reiki I

In this Reiki I class, we learn about the basic Reiki principles after Dr.
Usui's method.

There will be a Reiki alignment and an initiation so that you are anchored to the Reiki Grid or morphogenetic field and that your energy meridians are totally open to be a vessel for the Reiki Energy.

In Reiki I, we also lern about the basic traditional hand positionings and why we position the hands this way. In addition, we learn not only the "
hands on method", but also the method of how to work within the auric field, a method. For the latter one needs great decernment of what one can detect in an aura and how it feels.

Therefor in my Reiki I classes, we explore how we can feel the different forms of energy flow within our hands, within our own body and within other people's bodies and auric fields.

For example: How does an acute block feel, how does an inflamation feel, how does an old injury feel, how does an attachment feel and how might your personal sensitivity be different from your fellow Reiki student?!

Usually in Reiki I, you learn to just let it flow and not think and not wanting to do anything, but to be just channel. That is wonderful, but what about learning, while the energy flows through you?

Your guides are working with you all the while, while you are working with the Reiki energies.

That's how "Reinbow Reiki" and "Ascended Mater Reiki" and all the many varieties came into existence.

I want to teach you to be aware and to learn while you are in the Reiki flow. Only like this can you earn a vast pool of knowledge. You might not have to give your kind of fused Reiki a dramatic new name though :-)

We will also learn, how to detect energy lines/ley-lines of mother earth and how to utilize them as well.

Reiki is one way of working with healing methods. If you are interested in Healing Arts, why not seeing yourself standing in a beam of light, using every cell of your body to receive and channel, instead of only your hands?

In my Reiki I class, you willl receive a lot of technical knowledge, but you will learn as well about yourself and who you are in the spiritual world.

Reiki I classes are usually 2 day classes, but there are exceptions.

Cost of Reiki I per person $320.-

Minimum per class: 2 people, maximum 4 people.

Please call (928) 300-2112 for more information.
Time slots fill quickly, please book ahead.

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