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Aura Classes - to work with children

Aura Classes - to heal

Aura Classes - to know your surrounding

Aura Classes - to teach others

Class - Seeing Auras

The Aura is the electromagnetic field surrounding all living beings, the
colors of the vibrating life force.

Experience yourself as the prismic rainbow colors of God’s white-golden
light. You are more than your physical body!

Learn how to see your energy field between your hands, the energy field of a
tree, the energy field of another human being, your own energy field in the
mirror, past life connections with a partner.

1hour - $150 per person, group rates available

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Claudia Coronado's CD's

Creativity Inspiring Psychic
"I psychicly tune into your subcoscious pool of unlimited creativity, to make you see, what you can do and who you really are."

Psychicly Customized Tours

"I use my psychic abilities to tune into your needs and customize the psychic tours in combination with a specific Sedona Vortex."

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