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Clarity for Business Managers.

Helps Business Managers in decision making.

Decernment for Business Managers.

Unexpected insights for Business Managers.

Help in Personnel Decisions for Business Managers.

Investment development for Business Managers.

Counseling - Business Managers

I experience Business Managers often as high strung people, go getters, who live under tremenduous amount of pressure.

To prevent the "burned out syndrom" and to help in reorientation phases or to just help in business decisions, my guiding ones and I work for you.

Managers manage their lives so perfectly, that they sometimes forget what relaxation means.

There are several methods, how to achieve that relaxation, whether it is a method for a 7 minute break or to unwind after a stressful day an being present for your family or simply to switch gears inot another focus.

There are also methods on how to tune into future business outcomes.

All taught methods or long term guidence are custom designed for your specific needs.

Phone sessions available, taped and with no additional charge for shipping or tape

$45.- for 15 min, $75.- for 30 min., & $110.- for 45 min, $150.- for 1 Hr.

Time slots fill up quickly. Please book ahead!

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Claudia Coronado's CD's

Creativity Inspiring Psychic
"I psychicly tune into your subcoscious pool of unlimited creativity, to make you see, what you can do and who you really are."

Psychicly Customized Tours

"I use my psychic abilities to tune into your needs and customize the psychic tours in combination with a specific Sedona Vortex."

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