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Ultimate Life Change Counseling - to move forward.

Ultimate Life Change Counseling - to expand.

Ultimate Life Change Counseling - to feel deeply.

Ultimate Life Change Counseling - to love yourself more.

Ultimate Life Changes

Sometimes, when our family karma is over and we grow into our full potential, we don't know anymore, who we are or what is going on. Our old programms have not quite dissipated yet and our own pure personality has not quite emerged.

The ultimate life change program wants to support you in finding out:
who you really are,
where you can go from here,
what are your opinions and what has been superimposed on you, what is your core essence, what are your life's missions...and many more.

This sessions lead you deep within your core self.

As we don't want to superimpose onto you either, we (guiding ones and I) want to teach you to become as independent as possible.

Your inner and outer freedem is the essence and the goal.

Phone sessions available, taped and with no additional charge for shipping or tape

$45.- for 15 min, $75.- for 30 min., & $110.- for 45 min, $150.- for 1 Hr.

Time slots fill up quickly. Please book ahead!

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Creativity Inspiring Psychic
"I psychicly tune into your subcoscious pool of unlimited creativity, to make you see, what you can do and who you really are."

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"I use my psychic abilities to tune into your needs and customize the psychic tours in combination with a specific Sedona Vortex."

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