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Crystal Healings - to experience the crystal grid

Crystal Healings - to merge with beauty

Crystal Healings - to experience the crystal realm

Crystal Healings - to vibrate higher

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Crystal Healing


This ancient method works with the vibrations of crystals.

I use in my crystal layouts for healing mostly Lemurian Seed Crystals, as
they are excellent for the exchange of negative and old used up energies
versus rejuvenating new energies. These crystal wands are fairly large and
are promoting the energy flow throughout the body.

Smaller ones are placed in your hands and along your feet and head.

For those I mostly use Rose Quartz for self love and loving kindness and and
assortment of violet and purple stones for transformational purposes.

Therefor I make sure, that the energies of the crystals are not overloading
the body, but are flowing in nice synchronicity. I don't favour to mix too
many stones at the same time.

While you are laying down comfotably with the stones and listening to soft
music or the flowing river in front of my window, I clear destincitve blocks
in your energy field and infuse them with pure light, also done through

I regularly check your energy field during the session to see and feel the
flow in your body.

It is truly a rejuvenating experience.



“Thank you so much for the enlightenment that you conveyed during our session.”
Barbara Bindler

“ Many thanks for your clarity and beautiful consciousness.”

“ Thank you for helping me realize how beautiful and perfect I am. Life has not been the same since our meeting. I now experience life every second of each day … and I remain now continually in awe.”
Chris McNall-Lubeck

“ I enjoyed my aura class. You really hit on the major points in my life.”
Martha Cox

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