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Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression (PLR) is the journeying into one's "past" lives while in deep relaxation.

While I was a child, especially between the age of 6 to 15, I had reoccurring "dreams" about the peace of meditation and the following sunrise at a river in India, the journeys about the nomadic "blue" people in Morocco, the palace and temple features and underground pathways in Ankhor in Cambodia, saving some horses out of a burning barn, smelling the smoke and feeling seared lungs, loving the art and music of ancient Persia.

I had never been to these places, nor had my parents. We did not have any literature about these places in our house, nor did I realize that I "dreamed" continuously about Ankhor, before I did encounter a Cambodian fellow student many years later.

How is this phenomenon to be explained?

My guiding ones explained it this way to me:
"Your Soul is eternal. Only a soul spark animates this/your body of today.
There are many more soul sparks belonging to your body. Time and space does not really exist. Your soul signs up for a role play like an actor signs up for a theater play. The actor/soul knows that he has been playing many parts and so does the soul."

Furthermore they explained: " Your soul is eternal and eternally part of God and eternally good. When the soul signs up for a role play of life, like the actor signs up for a theater play, we take on good and bad trades, to make the play work. Who would go into a movie, where everybody is superman and superwoman? It would be totally boring! Nevertheless, if a soul wants e.g.
to play the part of a famous doctor, this soul as doctor needs a lot of patients and success to become famous. To balance his experience - to see both sides of the medallion - he automatically has to sign up for being several times a patient. That is God's balance and that is why we find sometimes even "innocent" babies already sick."

Another thing: Would you judge an actor for playing the part of a murderer?
In the role play itself the "act" would be judged, but not the actor itself.
The soul as well does not judge what we play, but takes it into it's treasure-box of experiences. In other words: God experiences him/he/itself in all expects of being, like a diamond, which only sparkles, if the light can shine through different facets.

For your better understanding:

Not all soul sparks might be ready to experience their past lives, because they might judge of what they might possibly see.

The "older" the soul, the more the soul has internalized the knowledge of having been everything: the rich, the poor, a man, a woman, every aspect of being.

For the "older soul" then comes the longing to come "home" again, to break the cycle of incarnation, to focus on oneness again instead of polarity.

Having played so many times with "good" and "bad" trades, it might seem hard to focus on the oneness of all that exists and not to judge. Enlightened Masters like Jesus and others, help the soul with it's journey home, to withdraw from polarity into oneness.

Ascension comes through soul awareness.

How can Past Life Regression help you today?

You might find out:
- why you are having certain phobias
- why you have to endure certain pains
- why you are attracting the same behavior patterns over and over
- why you have a hard time letting go or attracting a certain person into your life
- why you live in glory, while others live in misery
- what connections you have with people
- why you might have certain fears

Once you found out "why" something is happening, you might be able to step a step aside and watch the scene, without taking certain things too personal or you might even be able to balance the past life experiences, so that traumas can subside in this life.

I am using four different methods to connect people with their past lives:
- through their soul self ( in and up),
- through their subconscious,
- through their emotional attachments and
- through simple relaxed visualization as a starting point and then merging with the other soul spark.

Who does not want to merge into his/her parallel/past self, might just want to watch to be able to understand.

A book, which is helpful to understand the multidimensionality of soul and which is easy to read, because of being in novel form:

Jane Roberts: Trilogy of Oversoul 7.

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