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Empathic Readings - for health issues

Empathic Readings - to feel yourself

Empathic Readings - to feel not alone

Empathic Readings - to feel understood

Empathic Readings

Empathic Readings are readings, which will give you a sensational description.

Empaths tune in and know exactly what a person is feeling and thinking, but don't worry, they are only allowed by spirit to pick up those things in detail, if they are not judgemental.

Empathic qualities are supportive in Readings regarding health issues, regarding death issues and refer mostly to emotional states of being.

An Empath for example links with the body of a client and can feel their pain and suffering to determine, what is going on.

A Soul Empath is then allowed to go in and up along the soul energy of that person, to see the carmic implications of an illness pattern or other emotional pain.

A Soul Empath will always remind the client of the bigger scheme of things:
A soul sings up for a roleplay, like an actor for a theatherplay.
Our soul is eternally perfect and always connected to the Source/God.
Our physical body is animated by the Soul Spark, located at the Third Eye Center.
When a soul signs up for a roleplay of live, the Soul commits to limitations and puts "blinkers" on to be able to focus on the play. We commit to have good and bad trades in that play.
We would not go into a movie, where everybody is superman and superwoman, because it would be totally boring.
Nevertheless there is always God's justice. For example: A soul who wants to play the part of a famous doctor automatically has to sign up to play several times a patient as a famous doctor needs many patients. Therefor we are not always playing the "good guy" or "bad guy".

A Soul Empath is allowed to see these patterns, which is also helpful to see Past Lives, because the Soul Empath at work sees things form the "bird perspective", sees the bigger picture and does not judge what is revealed.
As we would not judge an actor for playing the part of a murderer, so does the soul not judge, because it knows, that we always have to experience "both sides of the medallion".

The Soul is interested in the different experiences and carries these experiences like a treasure. An actor acts out of similar intents.

Besides helping in Health Readings and Crossed Over Loved Ones Readings, Empathic Readings might help to explain the situation you are in with explicit compassion, but at the same time might refer to the bigger picture of incarnation and soul, to make you aware of who you really are and not to take this life too bitter serious.

Discalimer :-) A Soul Empath at work might see and feel the bigger picture when at work. That does not mean that a Soul Empath has not a private play on earth plane to play, with it's own challanges, strenght and weaknesses.
Therefor: please don't compare a Soul Empath with a Saint :-)

All sessions are taped.

Phone readings available, taped and with no additional charge for shipping or tape

$45.- for 15 min, $75.- for 30 min., & $110.- for 45 min, $150.- for 1 Hr.

Time slots fill up quickly. Please book ahead!

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