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Psychic Readings - to clarify issues

Psychic Readings - to facilitate decision-making


Psychic Readings - to tap higher wisdom

Psychic Readings - to expand awareness


Psychic Readings - to clear blocks to success

All sessions are taped

Phone readings available, taped and with no additional charge for shipping or tape.

$45.- for 15 min, $75.- for 30 min., & $110.- for 45 min, $150.- for 1 Hr.

Time slots fill up quickly. Please book ahead!

Psychic Readings

Welcome to my Psychic readings page.
Are you looking for a caring, insightful Psychic reader?
Are you feeling stuck or confused?
Perhaps you need validation of your thoughts, feelings or ideas.

With being psychic since childhood, I combine my knoweldge of universal patterns of life with a strong intuitive awareness to help you clarify issues, facilitate decision-making, tap higher wisdom, expand awareness and clear blocks to success.

My goal is to help you cut through blocks, gain objectivity and make wiser choices about your life.

A Psychic reading offers many avenues for guidance, direction and problem solving. Learn what your best possible choises are, what lessons you are learning, and how you can turn challenges into opportunities for growth, happiness, better health and success.

As a Channel, I work with my guides Master Arion, Mother Mary, Angel Semira and many more. As a Soul Empath, I work with your guides and all the beings who want to be of assistance at this point in time.

If you would like to connect with crossed over loved ones in your reading, I would need the name of the person and possibly the connection to you, if the addressed crossed over loved one is not present right away as the reading takes place. As a Soul Empath, I am allowed to look for them - go in and up so to speak - and see where they are at.


“Thank you so much for the enlightenment that you conveyed during our session.”
Barbara Bindler

“ I really enjoyed your reading last year. It was very impressive.”
Ana Gonzalez

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