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Angel and Guide Readings - are very personal

Angel and Guide Readings - serve in a very loving manner

Angel and Guide Readings - are direct

Angel and Guide Readings - serve your truth

Angel and Personal Guide Readings

Everybody has Guiding Ones and Guardian Angels assigned from birth. Not all of them are working with us at the same time. They function like the regisseurs in the theaterplay of our lives. They show us how to perform better and support us in that.

While Angels have a defined office and expertise, personal guiding ones can work in groups or as individual beings, might be crossed over loved ones or beings connected to the higher self or soul self of the person.

In an Angel or Guide reading you have two options, either I tell you whom I perceive, describe them, name them, describe their job description, how long they have been with you, how long they are going to stay with you (in earthly terms of time), whether they have a gift for you, how they are going to contact you and how you can contact them, etc. or you are guided by me to meet them yourself and get all those information first hand.

It is not difficult at all. Stop putting other people on a podestal for their connections to their guides. You are entitled to have your own private connections too and I would encourage you to take advantage of it.

If you don't have time for an Angel and Personal Guide Reading, but you still want to connect with your Angels, Guides and Crossed Over Loved ones at your own time and convenience, there is a CD, which I have created for you, so that you can do the process whenever you want on your own.

For this CD "How to connect with your Guides and Crossed Over Loved Ones", I can say (almost proudly) satisfaction guaranteed or you get your money back.
I have had no one yet complain to me, that they haven't met their guides in the one or other form. Others are amazed to connect with new ones, which they did not know about.

CD price: $16.95 plus $2 shipping and handling.
9.63% Taxes apply for people, who want to have it shipped within Arizona.
Call me at: 928-300-2112 and your order will be filled asap.

All sessions are taped.

Phone readings available, taped and with no additional charge for shipping or tape

$45.- for 15 min, $75.- for 30 min., & $110.- for 45 min, $150.- for 1 Hr.

Time slots fill up quickly. Please book ahead!

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