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Sedona Weddings - very personal

Sedona Weddings - for you customized

Sedona Weddings - a good alternative

Sedona Weddings - on a Vortex

Sedona Weddings - Sedona Committments

Sedona Weddings - very private

Sedona Weddings - on the rocks


Weddings/Commitment Ceremonies

You choose from a variety of sacred places for your individual ceremony, which will include the invitation of several spirits of nature, the four directions and your ancestral spirits, performed by a legal minister of the ULC.

My favorite 3 sites are the Feminine Vortex, The River Vortex and the 5 Connections Vortex.
Please see tours to those for details.

Commitment Ceremonies are handled like weddings, but without the legal paperwork.

1 1/2 hour - $ 240 for customized wedding ceremony.

Ask for details.

Here is what some people have to say in regard of their wedding experience:

"Claudia, Thank you for a fantastic wedding.ceremony. Everything was perfect, and we will remember it always. Kauai was the best." Andreas & Marion

“ Marcella and I continue to resonate with the intense beauty of our marriage experience. It actually grows in intensity. We’ve had such dreaming and spiritual energy flow to us that it’s almost incredible.
We are so grateful for your overwhelming attention to this most important event in our life. You were wonderful. As we ascended the plateau, your radiance was breathtaking. You looked like a high priestess whirling in light. The pure love that radiated from your face was inspiring. We were so ebullient at the time that we barely took note of the extraordinary spirit that had descended. As the night passed on, more and more energy flowed to us. It still does, in fact, at this moment."

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Creativity Inspiring Psychic
"I psychicly tune into your subcoscious pool of unlimited creativity, to make you see, what you can do and who you really are."

Psychicly Customized Tours

"I use my psychic abilities to tune into your needs and customize the psychic tours in combination with a specific Sedona Vortex."

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