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The Cleansing Vortex

During this tour we learn about the Vortex energies and experiencing it through ley-lines / energy lines of mother earth.

We will work explicitely with a Portal Vortex and a healing stone, positioned at an acupuncture point on mother earth, to help you to let go of emotional baggage.

This place has been used for purging and purification for a very long time and is well known to the anchients, which walked the earth before us.

We learn as well how to connect with Vortex and electromagnetic energies, how to use our body as a pendulum, how to see or feel the color of the energies of the day, how to detect those energies.

Please allow 20 minutes hiking time from the parking lot, but therefor it is off the beaten path, even during high season.

Tour group cost: $150.- for the first hour, $100.- for every additional hour.
My car takes 4 people. Every additional group size must be supported by your own vehicle.

This tour can be facilitated as a very intense personal program. The price does not change, whether it is a group or an individual.

Plears call (928)-300-2112 for additional information!

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