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During this tour in beautiful Sedona: Smile…The Dryads / Tree Spirits are looking at YOU!!!

During this tour we learn how to communicate with trees and tree spirits and have a chance afterwards to purchase one of the unique Elfin Tribe tools, consisting of life wood from around the world, but mostly England, grown on ley-lines/energy lines. I am the only representative in the US for these tools.

Whoever likes trees, come and learn more about them and take the new wisdom home with you!

Tour group cost: $150.- for the first hour, $100.- for every additional hour. Maximum 4 people in my vehicle. If you provide additional transportation, the group can be bigger.

For individuals, same rate of $150.- for the first hour, $100.- for every additional hour.

Please read more below about details:

An article written by Claudia Coronado with information given by the Dusty Millers of the English Elfin Tribe of the Silvadobbs Tree Elfes.

Dryads / Tree Spirits are the “Higher Self” of trees and tree groups. A wood of birch for example has a huge Dryad / Tree Spirit. A clairvoyant might see the electromagnetic energy (life force) of a single tree, which can be miles wide, but to comprehend the magnificence of a Dryad / Tree Spirit is rather difficult.

Although trees have tribal characteristics (i.e. type of tree, Oak, Ash,
etc.) they can grow more or less in whatever size and shape they fancy. The Dryads / Tree Spirits of each tribe have different vibratory rates, which enable whole groups of them to live together, quite comfortably in the same small volume of space. Basically, this is why the countryside feels different to the town; there are a lot more Dryads / Tree Spirits about. In fact in many areas the whole landscape is covered with a thick layer of inter-penetrating Dryads / Tree Spirits; all doing their own thing, without us mortals even realizing it and only being vaguely aware of being surrounded by them, which luckily, is a rather nice feeling.

The Dryad / Tree Spirit has no eyes, but is fully aware of what is going on in all directions at once, having a sort of radar system. It also has no concept of time but takes action as if it can see into the future. Although aware of us, most Dryads / Tree Spirits are not interested in mankind and tend to ignore us completely. Most humans tend to treat trees like wallpaper; they are vaguely aware of it but can't be bothered to actually look at it. Most trees follow our lead and treat us the same way. But for some unknown reason, Tree Dryads / Tree Spirits that live on Ley-Lines, go out of their way to be friendly. It is, as if, the barrier between their world and ours is much thinner on Ley-Lines, due maybe to the Earth Energies that pulse along our Planet's Ley-Line Meridian System.

We can find a lot of very friendly and extremely old Dryads / Tree Spirits around Sedona, which are known to have donated already the one or other gift. You might locate Ley-Lines in your own yard or home town by watching the trunks. If you find a tree, which grows two trunks or more out of the ground, please look around, you might find another one like it. Between the two or more of those, there is an energy or Ley-Line. If you find trees with four, five or more trunks growing out off the ground, you might have a crossroads of energy lines there, which causes a small Vortex through the tree or is caused by a Vortex itself.

Dryads / Tree Spirits can only achieve reproduction by sub-dividing and duplicating themselves, like cells do. The New Dryad / Tree Spirit produced in this manner is actually a clone of the Original Dryad / Tree Spirit and knows everything the Original Dryad / Tree Spirit knew. It is also, immediately as old as the Original Dryad / Tree Spirit, from the moment of sub-division.

Again like humans, some are 'old and wise' and some are just 'old'. Their level of maturity appears to be increased in relation to the length of time their physical bodies have remained rooted in the same place. Very old trees always seem to have wise Dryads / Tree Spirits, and the older the forest, the wiser the resident Dryads / Tree Spirits.

Some of the oldest Dryads / Tree Spirits are about 50,000 years old. They were there long before Britain became and island or the pyramids in Egypt were built. By the way – Dryads / Tree Spirits communicate all around the world and notice what is going on with our Mother Earth.

Because they are somewhat older than us, they have been watching our progress for many, many centuries, and have kept us supplied with beneficial vibes to help our development. In fact, many ancient Tree Spirits have been waiting patiently for the last 10,000 years for mankind to become sufficiently aware to be able to partner them in the next stage in both our and their self-development.

Even thought the Elfin Tribe in England is the only tribe of my knowledge, whose children are formally introduced to the ancient forest and who work intentionally with Dryads / Tree Spirits after a 25 year apprenticeship and initiation into the lore of the old Wood Religion to create Live Wood as a magical and healing partner, more and more people are attracted to wooden pieces along their way. Dryads / Tree Spirits place more often gifted pieces of living wood alongside the pathways of individuals, who are aware enough to see and who love trees, nature and respect the Mother Earth. They clone themselves into those pieces with the intention to help the human partner and being carried around by them to see the world without being rooted to the ground and learn more about the individual human evolution.

Both, the tamed Dryads / Tree Spirits of the Elfin Tribe, highly evolved magical partners and healing tools, and the freely donated Live Wood pieces to aware individuals, use Dryad / Tree Spirit Consciousness as a vital step on the path towards true Cosmic Consciousness. It teaches us to stop being selfish and egocentric and to start working in harmony with the other beings, both visible and invisible, that share this wonderful world with us.

Although generally invisible (except of their wooden host), Dryads / Tree Spirits are great fun to carry around, as they operate on the same levels as your own Higher Self; which means that the two of you can become friends on all levels. You will notice the benefit of this in the way they help you to 'Keep your Cool' yet give you the confidence you need to overcome stressful situations. When you find yourself drawn to a piece of wood, found alongside your way of walk in a park or the woods, and by picking it up, realizing, that it is pulsating in your hand, you can be sure that it is the home of a Dryad / Tree Spirit. If you are clairvoyant or clear-sighted, you might even see colors emanating from this specially for you donated Live Wood. You can be sure that this piece is specially for you placed here by the Dryad / Tree Spirit, which knew you would come along, needing the exact electromagnetic wavelength emanated by the tree it came from.

Every Live Wood Dryad / Tree Spirit, always has a strong character of its own and no guarantee of its co-operation can be given. They will only work with the people they like and can trust. It will, therefore, pay you to take the time to make friends with them first, before requesting their help. The more you win their confidence, the more help they will give you. Treat them like a friend and they will give you a lifetime of devoted service.

They also have a beneficial effect on one's mental awareness. This is because Dryads / Tree Spirits have very inquiring minds and your Higher Self soon becomes much more alert and agile-brained trying to answer all their questions. The spin-off of all this is you get a lot more out of life, than you did before; which can't be bad can it?

However, bear in mind, that they might have an anticipated working life of about 300 years (Elfin Tools, because of the lore of conservation) or about 100 years when found by individuals. So be aware where you put it and with whom you might share it.

Dryads / Tree Spirits can also change their size at will to suit the current circumstances. So it does not matter whether you find a big wand or a pocket-sized piece as they make themselves fit into the piece they donate.
When the Dryad / Tree Spirit comes out of the wooden host piece, which anchors it to this three-dimensional world, the Dryad / Tree Spirit can be several miles across and a mile high. But, whatever their size, their character and abilities remain constant.

They are all of the 'Neuter Gender' and we humans are not used to dealing with beings that are neither 'He' or 'She'. Luckily however, Live Wood Dryads / Tree Spirits understand this and although they are really an 'It'
(with a capital letter, to show respect) they are quite prepared to respond as either a male or female to please their human partner. So please treat the Live Wood with the respect it deserves and may be you find the idea of having a chat with the trees in your garden or park not so silly anymore.
Remember, many wise people chose their meditation place to be under a tree.

SMILE! Dryads / Tree Spirits are looking at You!

Some Tree Spirit Tool examples:

Linden Discs to increase your awareness, Holler Discs to protect you form bad vibes, Elder or Black Vlier to help your Quest for Truth, Palm wands from Taxus Baccata as Help Mates, Wise Woman and Man Healing Tools from Durmast Oak, Wild Forsythia's Power Lamen to work hand in hand with Mother Gaia/Jaia, Linden Discs for the Dancer, the Peace, the Feelings, the Teacher, the Goddess, the Music of Your Soul, the Child within you, Healing Energy Injectors and Accupuncture Needles, Shamanic Healing tools and personal Healing Discs and many, many more...

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