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5 Connection Vortex Tours - to tune in without running around

5 Connection Vortex Tours - to get a good Vortex overviw

5 Connection Vortex Tours - to feel the Sedona connection

5 Connection Vortex Tours - to sense gateways

Tours - 5 Connections Vortex

During this tour we learn about the Vortex energies and experiencing it through ley-lines / energy lines of mother earth. We will work with a Vortex, which is connected to 5 other Vortexes.

We learn how to connect with those energies, how to use our body as a pendulum, how to see or feel the color of the energies of the day, how to detect those energies.

We will find where the next bigger energy Vortex is and how to tune into or meditate with a Vortex.

To access the 5 Connections Vortex we need to hike 20 minutes from the parking lot, but therefor it is off the beaten path, even during high season.

The 5 Connections Vortex experience is unique as you can tune into a multitude of major Vortex energies in Sedona, without the run around to drive up or hike up to all of them.

Readings or "How to meet your guides" sessions or "How to see aura" classes can be included in the tour.

Tour group cost: $150.- for the first hour, $100.- for every additional hour.
My car takes 4 people. Every additional group size must be supported by your own vehicle.
Price does not change, whether it is a group or an individual.

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Psychicly Customized Tours

"I use my psychic abilities to tune into your needs and customize the psychic tours in combination with a specific Sedona Vortex."

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