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Claudia Coronado, Psychic for you...

Welcome to your inner journey. With my psychic abilities, I want to serve you fast, accurate and to the point, but still in a loving manner.

It is the main and essential part of happiness to desire to be no other than what you already are, Eternal Soul.

Let my psychic experiences show you, that you are a Soul who signed up for a human experience like an actor who signs up for a theater role. And the Soul is eternal and good. We wouldn’t judge an actor for playing a conflicting role, but why then do we judge ourselves all the time?

There are parts in life, which are destined experiences and others, which we can influence with a positive attitude. My psychic council and channel group is happy to support you in finding this positive attitude, to step a step aside and watch the scene and help you to connect with your own inner wisdom to make the decisions, which are right for you.

My psychic council and your own guides will be of service to you in

* finding and connecting with your own guides
* connecting with crossed over loved ones
* giving you insight into past lives
* answering spiritual questions
* giving you an outlook into your possible future reality from the choices of the mulitverse
* psychically creating and supporting you with the most powerful Vortex and Tour experience in Sedona
* creating a psychically attuned personal retreat experience for you in Sedona
* making use of your own psychic abilities easy in attending our classes
* helping you to understand your psychic child better
* having special ceremonies for special psychic and new generation children in Sedona

If you have had psychic experiences on your own and need clarity through another psychic, to explain to you or confirm to you your psychic experiences, I am glad to be of service.

Under certain circumstances, my psychic connections will help to see clear in health regards, due to the fact that I am an empath.

By psychically tuning in, I can assist you in emotional release work as well.

My systems have proven to be effective and my guides have proven to be very loving and straight forward.

My psychic team, my guiding ones and I are glad to be of service in all areas of life.

Love & Blessings,


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Creativity Inspiring Psychic
"I psychicly tune into your subcoscious pool of unlimited creativity, to make you see, what you can do and who you really are."

Psychicly Customized Tours

"I use my psychic abilities to tune into your needs and customize the psychic tours in combination with a specific Sedona Vortex."


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